M7 Carbon Fiber M-Wing

M7 M-Wing

Manufacturer's Description

“Attractive.” “Great Styling.” “Perfect Proportions.” These are just a few of the comments we heard when we introduced the redesigned M7 M-Wing. In addition to adding just the right styling to compliment the MINI, this wing is properly engineered to offer the ultimate in aerodynamics and functionality. Super light-weight, the M-Wing is constructed of carbon fiber and weighs less than 4 lbs.--including hardware. It is easy to install and requires no holes to drill or tap since it uses factory attachment points. The M-Wing is track-tested and engineered to maximize or minimize aerodynamic drag depending upon its position. With 3 adjustable settings, the choice for zero inclination or maximum down-force is as simple as changing a screw.

List price is $429.
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