M7 Ultimate Upper and Middle Grilles

M7 Ultimate Upper & Middle Grilles

Manufacturer's Description

The The Ultimate grille has been a huge success for us, mostly because it is the best built, and without doubt the best fitting Mini Cooper grille on the market. There are no zip ties or other nasty short lived devices to hold the grille to the front of the car.

The grille is held down with stainless steel fasteners that are extremely durable, and the shape of the grille is dimensional - it has compound curves instead of being a flat, non-dimensional steel contraption.

Designed to compliment the M7 Ultimate Grille and the lines of your Cooper S, the upper and middle grilles are made of mild steel with a hot zinc coating and then coated with an ultra strong layer of either black or silver powder coating.

We are so sure about the quality of this product that we now have extended the regular limited warranty to a two year no question asked warranty.

These pieces are direct replacements for the factory pieces, and are extremely easy to install.

List price is $229.
Call (559) 320-0004 or e-mail us for our best price!


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