M7 59mm Throttle Body V.2

M7 59mm Throttle Body

Manufacturer's Description

Ready for the next step in improving induction on your MINI engine? Going beyond the cold air intake, our Gen.2 59mm, 60mm, 62mm throttle body opens up a bottleneck in the MINI's induction system to give you the shot in the arm you've been looking for.

We carefully researched throttle body diameters to find the perfect improvement over the factory 58mm throttle body. Larger throttle bodies had the tendency to produce an oscillating idle, an undesirable side-effect of going with too large of a bore. We found that a bore of 59mm, 60mm, and 62mm (please inquire which is best for you) gave us the power and throttle response we desired, with no loss in driveability or erratic idle.

In using extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing, we found added performance by using a velocity stack bevel cut on not only the intake, but also the exhaust side of the throttle body. Furthermore, we found that lowering the profile of the actuator rod reduces the turbulence through the throat of the throttle body. These exclusive improvements will give you increased horsepower, torque, and unprecedented throttle response.

The engineering and technology found in our new Gen.2 throttle body will not be found anywhere but M7.

List price is $399.
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