M7 Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates (SRP)

M7 Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates

Manufacturer's Description

We listened to you, and we've delivered the new M7 Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates.

Through the years, customers and friends with MINI's have had one common complaint: the strut towers mushroom after heavy impacts from the shocks and low aspect ratio tires. At a first glance the shock towers take on a slightly convex shape barely visible at a first glance, but if you would compare it to the original sheet metal, you would find the horizontal plane has been moved as much as 3/8" upwards, throwing the suspension out of any possible alignment fix.

The problem will most likely show up as a slight pull either left or right depending on which strut tower is buckled.

The M7 SRP will solve this problem by sandwiching the sheet metal and shock top plate, creating a homogenous top surface that will not bend, even during hard impacts.

Adding the SRP to your MINI, is an inexpensive solution to an expensive fix.

The plate is made from CNC machined aluminum, hard anodized black to prevent chipping, or oxidization.

List price is $129.
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