M7 Technology Pulley

M7 Technology Pulley

Manufacturer's Description

As we were looking to add a pulley to our existing product offering, we realized that if did so, it had to be better, with the typical M7 "outside the box" engineering and mind set.

That said, we have released the M7 Technology Pulley with a 16% reduction, and have made a number of improvements to the standard pulley design.

The belt to pulley interface. We changed the geometry of the grooves, allowing the belt to be in contact with more surface area on the pulley surface. This will give the belt better grip. We added shoulders to the outside of the pulley, preventing the belt to walk off the pulley surface, and also used our proprietary V-Groove surface treatment to prevent belt slippage.

The M7 Technology Pulley offers an active cooling system by pulling in cool air through the holes in pulley shoulder, and has a thermal surface barrier to keep the belt temperatures down. Furthermore, we decided to use a 16% reduction for our pulley. It is more than the standard 15% reduction which provides you with better engine response. Once you incorporate a 2% crank pulley, your change of accessory RPM's will be a little more within safe margins.

List price is $126.
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