M7 Sport Springs

M7 Sport Springs

Manufacturer's Description

At M7 Tuning, we pride ourselves in raising the bar when it comes to Research & Development, and our newest addition to our suspension componentry line sets the standard for handling and quality engineering.

Introducing the M7 Sport Springs. Months of testing resulted in a spring that takes your MINI Cooper and Cooper S to the next plateau in cornering performance, while providing you with a smoother ride and exceptional stability over uneven surfaces. Impossible, you say? We beg to differ.

The key to our Sport Spring system is the progressive rate spring. At the relatively low cornering loads encountered during your daily commute and around-town, our Sport Springs give you a ride that's actually smoother and more comfortable than the infamously jarring OEM spring setup.

Take a drive to your favorite mountain road, autocross course, or weekend track day, and things quickly get serious. As you load up our progressive rate Sport Springs at corner entrance, the springs quickly reveal their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde nature by giving you increased grip levels, reduced body roll, and a lower center of gravity!

All the benefits of a 1.3" drop (front and rear) with no compromise in ride quality... this is what M7 Research & Development is all about!

List price is $215.
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