M7 Carbon Fiber Rear License Plate Backer

M7 Rear License Plate Backer

Manufacturer's Description

Want your MINI to stand out? The M7 Carbon Fiber Rear License Plate Backer is perfect for doing just that! The space for the rear license plate is large enough to accommodate the MINI's homeland Euro plate. Across the pond in the United States, however, this mounting area is just dead space around our smaller license plates. The backer fills the empty area surrounding your rear license plate and sits flush with the boot handle to give a smooth appearance. Made of beautiful carbon fiber, this piece is a great way to add style to your car without adding tons of weight. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware including custom mounting screws to prevent theft. To top it off, the design mimics the MINI Wings logo to make your car really stand out!

List price is $169.
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