M7 Rear Chassis Brace

M7 Rear Chassis Brace

Manufacturer's Description

During hard cornering, the MINI is prone to chassis flex that results in poor handling characteristics and the need for the driver to compensate. M7 now offers a way to fix this problem with the new M7 Rear Chassis Brace (RCB), one of the latest additions to the M7 Suspension Solutions line. This modification is perfect for people who want the body of their MINI to be stiffer, but don't want to deal with the fabrication and installation of a roll cage.

Besides the benefit of more predictable handling, the Rear Chassis Brace allows for comfortable use of the rear seats. Unlike a roll cage, there are no harness bars or cross members to remove to allow access to the rear seats. The position of the rear seats is also unaffected! As the driver, you experience better handling and your passengers experience the same level of comfort in the rear seats.

Our first installed system impressed the customer so much that he was inspired to call back within 20 minutes of leaving our office with reports of how the brace instantly changed his car's traits. He described how the rear end of the car felt heavier and more planted to the ground, and any kind of fishtailing effect felt done away with. Overall the handling of the car felt tighter and more responsive to the driver's commands.

The M7 Rear Chassis Brace is a great compliment to the immensely popular M7 Under Strut System (USS). Using the two together will give you the best in chassis stiffening without going the route of a roll cage.

Please Note: The RCB currently fits only the coupe. An application for the convertible will be available soon.

'02 - '06 MCS and MC (non convertible models only)

List price is $279.
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