M7 Oil Catch Can (OCC)

M7 Oil Catch Can

Manufacturer's Description

The MINI Cooper S is prone to excessive oil vapor within the intake system. If you've ever taken off your intercooler, you most likely noted a build up of oil within each rubber boot sealing the intercooler at each end. Spray some cleaner into it and you'll quickly discover massive amounts of oil that build up inside the intercooler! This oil coating is not in itself harmful to the general operation of the engine, but it does affect the performance by limiting the efficiency of the intercooler in cooling the compressed intake charge, not to mention gumming up various sensors and components.

The M7 Oil Catch Can is CNC machined from billet aluminum and polished to add a sharp, industrial look to your engine compartment. All hoses, brackets, and necessary fittings are included, including an oil drain plug at the bottom of he can with a magnet to snatch out any possible metal fragments . There is also a sight tube to let you know the amount of oil in the can at any one time. The hoses come in black and are designed specifically to handle oil, unlike silicone which will eventually bleed through, discoloring the hose permanently.

List price is $129. Now in black, also.
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