M7 Extreme Hood Scoop

M7 Extreme Hood Scoop

Manufacturer's Description

So you just added a larger intercooler to your trusty steed, and a huge boost in horsepower was your expectation - what happened??

It's very simple - the air required to wash over and cool the intercooler does not have enough velocity with the stock scoop configuration. This keeps the temperature Delta fairly low.

With the new M7 Scoop you will have a much cooler intercooler and more power to the engine, negating the typical heat soak that is the norm with the stock intercooler.

In testing, the M7 Extreme Hood Scoop has been proven to work more efficiently with the stock intercooler than an aftermarket intercooler with the stock scoop. In other words, our scoop proved to be a better upgrade than an aftermarket intercooler in most cases.

The new M7 Scoop also has a sturdy design made of gel coated fiberglass, and includes factory mounting points for an extremely easy installation, and fits well with the lines of your Cooper S.

List price is $229.
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