M7 440cc Fuel Injectors

M7 400cc Fuel Injectors

Manufacturer's Description

Developed specifically for high-horsepower (250hp+) applications, we developed these Fuel Injectors through weeks of rigorous testing to give you top performance with no compromises.

The OEM MINI fuel injectors are rated at 340cc's, pumping fuel at 80% duty cycle in a factory-tuned MINI Cooper S. Adding the power mods (nitrous, pulley, etc) will quickly take these injectors to and beyond 100% duty cycle, which results in poor performance and possible catastrophic engine failure due to a lean, detonation-prone mixture.

These injectors are very high flow units, necessitating the use of outboard fuel computer or similar device, and as such are not recommended for lower horsepower applications.

We have sold hundreds of these injectors without seeing any come back to us. These are truly superb injectors.

*Please note: There is a $105 per injector core deposit for all U.S. customers, and a non-refundable core charge for international orders.

List price is $379.
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