M7 400cc Fuel Injectors

M7 400cc Fuel Injectors

Manufacturer's Description

Developed specifically for high-horsepower (240hp+) applications, we developed these Fuel Injectors through weeks of rigorous testing to give you top performance with no compromises.

The OEM MINI fuel injectors are rated at 340cc's, pumping fuel at 80% duty cycle in a factory-tuned MINI Cooper S. Adding the power mods (nitrous, pulley, etc) will quickly take these injectors to and beyond 100% duty cycle, which results in poor performance and possible catastrophic engine failure due to a lean, detonation-prone mixture.

We tested 440cc, 420cc, and 400cc, and found that both 400cc and 440cc gave us the performance gains we wanted, while maintaining a smooth idle and superb driveability. Our 400cc and 440cc Injectors are rebuilt OEM injectors, so they maintain the fantastic OEM fuel spray pattern, ensuring thorough fuel atomization for a clean burn, unlike many other OEM and aftermarket "squirting" injectors.

We have sold hundreds of these injectors without seeing any come back to us. These are truly superb injectors.

*Please note: There is a $105 per injector core deposit for all U.S. customers, and a non-refundable core charge for international orders.

List price is $349.
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