M7 Air Plate Diverter

M7 Air Plate Diverter

Manufacturer's Description

Here's another new product only from the minds of M7--simple, beautiful and a performance upgrade at the same time. The M7 APD is made from carbon fiber, superstrong and light weight, with a deep clear coat finish.

Always thinking, M7 has developed the Air Plate Diverter (APD) to help stop the migration of the cooling air from the lower inlet to the upper section of the radiator where it is not needed. The APD separates the two open areas behind the bumper and bonnet, trapping the air. With the M7 APD installed, the pressure buildup in the lower opening will force the air to move through the entire radiator. There is no more dead spot as there is no longer a path of less resistance for the air to take. The M7 Air Plate Diverter will increase the efficiency of your cooling system.

List price is $159.
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