M7 Air Gain System (AGS) with Heat Shield

M7 Air Gain System

Manufacturer's Description

The AGS V.3 featuring the CNC and TIG welded aluminum tube is now available!

With patents pending, the M7 Air Gain System V.3 is a cold air intake unlike any other. CAD-designed and flow-tested to give you optimal air flow for increased horsepower and torque, and superb intake velocity to aid throttle response, this long-awaited system does away with the age-old story of just replacing a flat filter with a cone.

The M7 Air Gain System instead creates a direct, unobstructed path for air to flow into the supercharger, eliminating all of the power-robbing bottlenecks that were engineered from the factory to muffle your MINI's engine note.

To develop our new V.3 system, we used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to test and tweak the M7 Air Gain System and improve on our already revolutionary intake. Our dyno results have proven that the AGS V.3 is by far the most beneficial intake for the MINI Cooper S, and outperforms the competition, bar none.

No longer manufactured.


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