Twurbo Kit

Twurbo Kit

Manufacturer's Description

Featuring a Garrett GT3071R turbo, ALTA™ has created an easy bolt on turbo kit for the MINI Cooper S that will produce up to 400 horse power.

A 304 stainless steel tubular header directs exhaust gases through a Garret GT3071R turbo charger and a new 2.5" to 3" polished, stainless steel, down pipe which bolts to the stock cat back exhaust or any direct replacement systems. ALTA's placement of the turbo down low in the engine bay increases clearance for the firewall and under hood components.

A 5 layer silicone intake hose guides air through a new foam filter element to the turbo charger. Delivering excellent airflow the silicone hose smoothly increases in diameter from the 3" filter opening to the huge 4" turbo inlet housing.

Polished boost tubes stretch from the turbo charger to the throttle body while an ALTA Performance vent to atmosphere blow off valve relieves additional boost pressure.

The ALTA kit includes: a polished tubular exhaust manifold, polished mandrel bent down-pipe, Garrett Turbo charger, polished boost tubes, blow off valve, oil and water lines, foam filter element, air box, silicone intake tube. All silicone included in kit is red in color. Photo depicts black.

List price is $3,999.99.
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