Top mount Intercooler Classic

Top Mount Intercooler Classic

Manufacturer's Description

Yes, your MINI did come with an intercooler. But put it next to ours and you’ll see the difference. The ALTA PerformanceTM Top Mount Intercooler is bigger…a lot bigger. 100% bigger with 40% more volume. And ours does its job without any installation hassle. Just pull out the old one and put in ours. Presto. Instant cool. Install the provided water sprayer for added cooling under high-performance conditions and you’ll see why bigger can be better.

A key component to any supercharged engine is a high quality intercooler. As air is compressed a by-product is increased air temperature. The intercooler’s job is to reduce the temperature of the compressed hot air exiting the supercharger and entering the engine. The MINI Cooper designers included an intercooler with your Cooper S that is too small for enthusiasts seeking higher horsepower gains.

Our Alta Performance™ air-to-air intercooler is 100% larger than the factory unit. Our intercooler still fits under the factory hood with no cutting or trimming even though size is nearly doubled. Overall internal volume is increased by over 40%.

Included with your intercooler is a new intercooler air diverter to direct air from the hood scoop over the surface of the new intercooler. This all metal air diverter seals to the underside of your hood and directs all of the air entering through your hood scoop over the entire surface of your intercooler.

Included, as an option for your air diverter, is a water spray jet for extra cooling in extremely hot conditions. When racing, endurance driving, or driving on a hot day the water spray jet can douse your intercooler with a cooling spray of water. As the water evaporates off your intercooler it will increase the efficiency by over 200%.

While water-to-air intercoolers are an alternative to air-to-air don’t be fooled by false promises of huge gains over our intercooler. Expect 4-6 hours for mounting a water to air intercooler style (requires mounting the core, water lines, water tank, water pump, additional radiator, wiring etc.) Don ’t forget the added maintenance of servicing all those components.

Dyno results on otherwise stock mini cooper s show 7 hp and 5 ft/lbs torque at the wheels from 2000 rpm to redline and beyond. Modified cars (pulley, intake and exhaust) produce an additional 9-11 hp and 7-9 ft/lbs torque.


The ALTA Performance top mount intercooler uses a bar and plate intercooler because of its huge internal volume which is 40% larger then stock and over 100% more surface area for better cooling. Bar and plate intercoolers have a greater resistance to road debris and rocks compared to tube and fin designs. Our end tanks offer a smooth transition as air flows across the intercooler and back into the intake pipes. Every unit is pressure tested just before it is placed into the box ensuring now boost pressure lost.

The ALTA Performance intercooler heat shield also integrates a water spray jet to increase intercooler efficiency. Lower intake charge temperatures all at the push of a button.


The bar and plate core is the most durable design on the market. Cast aluminum end tanks insure accuracy and quality to every piece.

List price is $699.99.
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