Top Mount Intercooler V. 2

Top Mount Intercooler V. 2

Manufacturer's Description

A key component to any supercharged engine is a high quality intercooler. As air is compressed, a by-product is increased air temperature. The intercooler’s job is to reduce the temperature of the compressed hot air exiting the supercharger and entering the engine. The MINI Cooper designers included an intercooler with your Cooper S that is too small and doesn’t provide enough ambient air flow for enthusiasts seeking higher horsepower gains.

To satisfy the enthusiasts need, ALTA performance does-it-again with another innovative product. We took our bigger is better theory and reapplied it to our existing classic intercooler. This innovated design improved upon our older classic design by increasing all aspects that made our other classic intercooler so popular. Instead of ambient air flowing from the scoop, doing a 90 degree turn through the intercooler, then trying to escape out the bottom of the intercooler, our intercooler lets the air flow freer. The air takes a more natural straight path from scope, through the core, and out the back. We still provide the water sprayer for added cooling under high-performance conditions and you’ll see why bigger can be better.

Included with your intercooler is a built in intercooler air diverter to direct air from the hood scoop, straight through intercooler. This diverter seals to the underside of your hood and directs all of the air entering through your hood scoop over the entire surface of your intercooler. Included with the intercooler is a water spray jet for extra cooling in extremely hot conditions. When racing, endurance driving, or driving on a hot day the water spray jet can douse your intercooler with a cooling spray of water. As the water evaporates off your intercooler it can increase the efficiency by over 200%.

The ALTA Performance top mount intercooler uses a bar and plate intercooler core. Bar and plate intercoolers benfit from better charge air flow (due to their larger internal volume) and have a greater resistance to road debris compared to tube and fin designs. Our bar and plate core has a core volume that is over 210% larger then stock and over 280% more surface area for better cooling. Our end cast aluminum end tanks offer a smooth transition as air flows through the intercooler and back into the charge pipes.

The ALTA VERSION 2.0 intercooler comes with heat shield to protect the intercooler from engine heat soak. We pressure test every unit before it is placed into the box ensuring no boost pressure is lost.

Installation time with our Version 2.0 intercooler is half of that compared to water to air intercoolers. Besides the time saved on installation, the maintenance after our intercooler is installed is non-existent, where a water to air IC has parts that can fai, wear out, or have to be replenished.

Dyno results on otherwise stock mini cooper s show 7 hp and 5 ft/lbs torque at the wheels from 2000 rpm to redline and beyond. Modified cars (pulley, intake and exhaust) produce an additional 9-11 hp and 7-9 ft/lbs torque.

List price is $759.99.
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