Supercharger Pulley Classic

Supercharger Pulley Classic

Manufacturer's Description

While MINI may have given Cooper "S" owners a literal boost over standard Coopers there is no reason to be comfortable with 163HP. One of the best ways to turn up the power is to turn up the boost.

Our 15% and 19% reduction supercharger pulleys do just that. ALTA Performance pioneered the use of taper fit pulleys on the MINI Cooper. Now the most widely used design in the industry, ALTA continues to manufacture the most popular pulley for the MINI Cooper S. With the simple installation of this pulley and no other modifications will raise boost 3-4 lbs. (NOTE: Some fluctuation in boost is normal and the actual gain will vary based on other factors including exhaust, intake etc.)

This rise in boost pressure will increase HP 12-20! No other modifications to ECU etc., required. Customers with other existing modifications or those seeking more HP the results can be even better with the addition of ECU, intake, intercooler and exhaust!


Our original design allows for much easier installation than competitive pulleys. Our two piece, self centering design is the most copied in the industry, eliminating the need to mechanically press the pulley on. No alignment tools are required. Others may look similar but lack these critical features. All stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance and allows for even expansion and contraction of pulley. Use of multiple metal compounds can cause metal fatigue and loosening of assembly fasteners.


Most installations can be completed in under 1 hour!

Ease of installation

Simply lift the engine, remove stock pulley with a puller and slide your new ALTA Performance pulley directly onto the supercharger shaft. There is no reason to remove entire supercharger and press off and on a pulley. That procedure risks damage to the supercharger and if you have to pay for the install the cost is enormous compared to our design. Other non-press on styles force YOU to determine the correct pulley position on the shaft. Make a mistake and expect a costly tow to a service center for a belt replacement. Our self-centering design prevents all of those hassles!

AMP-ENG-200C - 15%
AMP-ENG-205C - 17% (none in stock, may no longer be available)
AMP-ENG-210C - 19% (none in stock, may no longer be available)

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