Rear Sway Bar 19mm

Rear Sway Bar 19mm

Manufacturer's Description

Look under your MINI Cooper. Go ahead, we’ll wait…. See that little sway bar down there? Replace it with an ALTA Performance sway bar and we promise better cornering, reduced body role and greater control over your suspension. ALTA Performance™ Sway Bars are bigger in diameter and come with multiple end-link attachments, giving you five possible configurations

The key to making your car turn better comes from replacement of the rear sway bar. By increasing the diameter and leverage, more cornering force is applied to the outside wheels. Thus forcing the car to "turn-in" better. Additionally reducing sway also increases the contact patch of the rear tires.

The Alta Performance™ rear sway bar goes one step further than simply making the bar bigger. Although size is increased, Alta has added the flexibility of changing the bars leverage with 3 different end link attachment points. This allows the end user to custom tailor the way his or her car handles. The street enthusiast will enjoy a 19mm upgrade to improve cornering in ordinary driving conditions.


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