Rear Control Arms

Rear Control Arms

Manufacturer's Description

Bring aircraft technology to your MINI Cooper, ALTA Performance™ Control Arms allow unprecedented camber adjustability and articulation. Constructed of 6061 aluminum and featuring Teflon-lined rod ends, these control arms are adjusted with simple twist of a wrench.

The stamped factory control arms have flimsy rubber bushings pressed in both ends. While an acceptable choice for the street, they are not ideal for performance minded driving. ALTA™ adjustable control arms solve all of those problems without increased harshness or vibration associated with other adjustable control arms.

The ALTA Performance™ control arms are machined from billet aluminum, direct bored and threaded to accept heim joint ends. Eliminating unnecessary and messy welding further increasing strength.

Built into each rod is a 22mm flat notch for easy adjustment. You never need to worry about marring the finish with a set of vice grips or pliers. Simply loosen jam nuts on the ends and apply a standard wrench and spin the arm for accurate camber settings.

Threaded into both control arms ends are huge aircraft quality, Teflon lined, rod ends. The Teflon lining prevents the ball from coming loose in rod end as well as constantly cleaning the bearing surface.

The rod ends we use are significantly larger and have finer threads than competitive control arms. Finer threads allow more precise adjustments to camber settings. This added size and strength will allow smoother operation over a wider range of motion. These high quality joints really separate the ALTA Performance™ control arms from the competition.


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