Panel Air Filter

Panel Air Filter

Manufacturer's Description

Instead of clogging up the landfills with yet another paper air filter, try the ALTA option. Introducing the ALTA Performance™ dual stage, “Open Cell” foam, drop-in Panel Filter. The more you use it, the more it defies dirt and lets air in. Rinse clean and re-oil for nearly unlimited re-use. Now that’s environmentally friendly.

The ALTA Performance™ dual stage foam drop in panel filter provides maximum power gains while still removing harmful particulates from your intake air charge. Paper and gauze filters only trap dirt on the surface of the filter. As the filter gets dirty the surface will begin to restrict the airflow to your motor. The ALTA Performance™ foam filter will trap dirt in the air charge on the multiple different levels of the 3 dimensional foam matrix. As the filter gets "dirty" it will not restrict airflow. The ALTA MINI Performance™ panel filter has a large surface area and is produced in a vivid blue to visibly show the user when the filter needs to be cleaned. Easy to clean and re-oil for years of use.

AMP-INT-100 - Cooper
AMP-INT-105 - Cooper S

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