Lightened Crank Pulley

Lighteed Crank Pulley

Manufacturer's Description

The ALTA Performance™ lightened crank pulleys for the MINI Cooper and is engineered to reduce rotating mass, increasing horsepower and torque.

The ALTA Performance™ pulley achieves power and performance by reducing the rotating mass of the crank assembly. Made from 6061T6 aluminum and weighing in at .9 lbs, the ALTA pulley™ is more then 6.2 lbs lighter then the stock crank pulley. The ALTA pulley is not under driven and will not affect the life of your engine. The pulley is a redesigned, lighter rendering of the stock crank pulley.

The reduction in weight is effectively the same power increase as removing 100 pounds of weight from your vehicle. The ALTA Performance™ pulley will not wear out engine bearings or the oil pump, and will not add any additional vibration or noise.

Aftermarket, under driven, pulleys are prone to charging and drivability problems from being excessively under driven. The ALTA Performance™ lightened crank pulley will have no effect on your cars charging system.

Choose one of the ALTA Performance over driven crank pulleys and increase your boost levels at the same time. Our 2%, 3% and 4% pulleys will artificially increase your supercharger size by 2%, 3% and 4% too! Ex. If you have a 15% pulley on you MINI now, you can add The ALTA Performance 2% over driven crank pulley and make you 15% pulley perform like a 17% pulley.

AMP-ENG-500 - 0%
AMP-ENG-520 - 2%
AMP-ENG-530 - 3%
AMP-ENG-540 - 4%

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