Intercooler Air Diverter - Classic

Intercooler Air Diverter Classic

Manufacturer's Description

Simple yet efficient, the ALTA Performance™ Intercooler Air Diverter is easy to install and works like a charm. Taller and wider than the factory unit, our air diverter seals nicely to the bottom of the hood for increased airflow and a smooth MINI look. Our exclusive hose couplers (in red, blue and black) are the perfect accessories for this temperature reducing diverter. Add the provided water sprayer and see intake temperatures drop of 25 degrees or more.

ALTA Performance™ has developed an aggressive intercooler air diverter for your Supercharged Mini Cooper. While the stock hood scoop and plastic intercooler diverter may do a reasonable job for the average MINI buyer, the more serious enthusiast will appreciate our simple, inexpensive way to improve air flow and increase efficiency of the stock intercooler.

The ALTA Performance™ powder coated diverter replaces the flimsy plastic factory unit. It is both taller and wider than the factory unit, thus forcing a larger volume of cool air over the intercooler surface. This increase in airflow will lower intake temperatures. The diverter will seal smoothly to the under hood surface without damaging the finish.

To add to the appearance of your new air diverter we include new intercooler hose couplers. Made from high temp silicone, these couplers will replace the small rubber hose connectors on either side if your intercooler. Silicone couplers are available in glossy Red, Blue and Black.

For high temperature situations, where maximum cooling is desired we have built in a water sprayer jet with a dual spray pattern. When activated the sprayer will douse the front and rear sections of the intercooler with a high-pressure mist of water. As the water evaporates from the intercooler surface it will increase the efficiency of your intercooler. You can activate this while on the move or at a stop light for maximum horsepower.

Testing has shown consistent post intercooler inlet air temperature reductions by 20 degrees with just the larger diverter. Adding the water spray system reduces post intercooler inlet temperatures over 25 degrees! Expect even bigger results in high speed and hot weather conditions.

AMP-ENG-300BK - black couplers
AMP-ENG-300BL - blue couplers
AMP-ENG-300RD - red couplers

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