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Cooper S owners constantly complain about annoying resonances and the overall mundane sound of the stock exhaust system. Our SPORTONE™ exhaust system sounds, looks and of course performs the way the factory system should have. The exhaust note is pleasant and lively at idle while giving a sporty, throaty growl under hard acceleration. All of this without annoying resonances at high idle or while cruising the interstate! The ALTA Performance™ exhaust system combines a show quality exhaust with a high horse power tuner system. The larger diameter tubing (at least .75" larger than competitive systems) is perfect match to the high revving, supercharged power plant in the Cooper S. The enlarged dual exhaust tips will retain a factory look. While perfectly suited for otherwise stock Coopers the system is a real power builder on Cooper "S" equipped with our S/C pulley, intake system and other engine modifications. Stock cars should expect 10-12HP at the wheels. Vehicles more heavily modified should see gains between 13-15 HP. The ALTA Performance™ exhaust system deviates from traditional MINI Cooper exhaust system design in favor of high horsepower output.

The ALTA Performance™ exhaust system directs exhaust gases through large 3.0 inch diameter, high polish, stainless steel piping. Two strategically placed 3.0 inch in, 3.0 inch out mufflers Reduce the sound volume down to a low growl while the strait through design provides maximum air flow. The "S" shape of the ALTA™ Exhaust system creates the highest exhaust gas velocity possible while maintaining the factory exhaust tip location.


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