Dual Gauge Pod

Dual Gauge Pod

Manufacturer's Description

Add the vital gauges MINI forgot with the ALTA Performance™Gauge Pod. Crafted from 6061 billet aluminum, these pods provide a sturdy and convenient place for two 52mm or 60mm gauges.

The interior of the new MINI is both luxurious and functional. Nearly anything the driver might want is within an arms reach. However, BMW failed to include vital information such as boost level (Cooper S models), oil temperature, charging voltage etc. Additionally, no space was left for adding additional gauges.

When building your MINI into a heart stopping show machine, a weekend racer, or a tuned precision vehicle, monitoring the engine condition is crucial. ALTA Performance™ has solved this problem with the introduction of a cost effective way to mount two additional gauges without having to destroy your cars interior.

ALTA has expertly crafted the pod so the tilt function of your steering column is maintained without binding or damaging the dashboard. Simple adjustment of the steering column will allow drivers of all sizes to enjoy a clear view of their new high performance gauges.

The ALTA Performance™ gauge pod simply attaches to the back of the tachometer utilizing existing mounting points. Your tachometer, dashboard, and steering column are not damaged in anyway!


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